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How Much of Your Website Do Visitors See? Google Shows You

Posted by | December 18, 2009

Google has made it easier for you to see where your visitors look when going to your website.  They have introduced a tool called Browser Size, which places an overlayed transparent image on top of your website to show you the percentage of visitors who look at a specific area. It takes into consideration screen […]

Commission Junction — What’s Your Function?

Posted by | December 14, 2009

Commission Junction was one of the first affiliate networks I joined — I believe back in either 2000 or 2001. I made $75 my first day and thought I was conquering it, as I had never earned an income online before. I got my cheque in the mail a few weeks later and cashed it. […]

Sunday Chatter – 12/13

Posted by | December 13, 2009

Think Twitter is Useless? Most of the people I ask in real life don’t know what Twitter is. When I explain it, the answer is generally the same each time, “Why would I want a Twitter?” Yes, they say “a Twitter.” For those in-the-know, it can be the best marketing and networking tool ever if […]

Google Launches Real-Time Search — What It Means for You

Posted by | December 9, 2009

Google rolled out real-time search results on Monday, but some of you may not see it live yet. Depending on your location, Google says you might see it as late as Friday. Real-search takes into account information pulled from Facebook, Twitter and the dormant MySpace. Google put together this short video to give you an […]

Sunday Chatter – 12/6

Posted by | December 6, 2009

Making the Most Money this Holiday Season Like any good Internet marketer, you know to take advantage of events, holidays, etc. to cash in on a buyer’s shopping habit. Christmas time is no different, as thousands of people are buying online everyday to simplify their gift-giving experience. shows you five easy tips on how […]

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