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Jazzing Up Your Site with Social Media Buttons

Posted by | July 31, 2009

A few readers have e-mailed me over the last couple weeks to ask where I got the Twitter, Facebook and YouTube icons I have in the upper right corner of the site. The short answer to that question is: social connection agency I first discovered this site when I uploaded my second blog theme just […]

Woman Sued $50,000 Over a Single Tweet

Posted by | July 29, 2009

You knew it was eventually coming… a Twitter lawsuit.  In the times where anyone will sue you for anything it seems, Horizon Realty Group is taking a Twitter user to court over a simple tweet. The company says Amanda Bonnen defamed them when she sent out this tweet on May 12, 2009: It should also […]

Sunday Chatter – 7/26

Posted by | July 26, 2009

Live Streaming Video Arrives to Twitter It was only a matter of time until someone developed a site that leverages the Twitter API to broadcast live video using user’s credentials. TwitCam launched earlier this week and has been getting a lot of attention ever since. It’s a new service from the folks at, formally […]

Is E-Mailing Becoming Obsolete?

Posted by | July 24, 2009

This topic was part of a newsletter I received this week that examined the longevity of e-mail. I figured I’d take their question and share my thoughts on it. The subject of e-mail as we know it seems outdated, especially in the era of emerging social media and text messages, etc. Don’t get me wrong, […]

WordPress Theme Wars – Let the Battle Begin

Posted by | July 22, 2009

Here’s a cool idea — let WordPress themes battle each other. Allow me to explain… a new website from the guys at Unique Blog Designs lets designers compete for the best theme. Theme Wars allows users to vote on which one they like the best and the winning theme gets placed in the store for […]

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