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Become Hated, but Rich

Posted by | August 31, 2006

Over the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting with a program called Become Hated. It touches on many of the same marketing methods as The Rich Jerk, but it also makes you money! Implementing the Become Hated program into your existing tools for generating income will increase your cash flow significantly. Read more about Become […]

Beating AdWords

Posted by | August 30, 2006

Google AdWords is probably one of the biggest forms of marketing on the internet and this program shows you how to master AdWords. * Our expert said this is a must have to master Google AdWords. * Master one of the most targeted forms of marketing on the internet. Beat AdWords today!

Make Money with MySpace

Posted by | August 29, 2006

MySpace is the biggest friend networking site in existence today. Millions of members have set up profiles to connect with friends, family, interest groups and so on. I won’t get into the history of MySpace right now, but I will share some information with you that will change your life, and perhaps your wallet size. […]

The Rich Jerk’s Money Making Program Reviewed

Posted by | August 11, 2006

I’m not going to lie here folks – when I first heard of The Rich Jerk I was extremely skeptical. Why? Because I had heard of numerous money making programs before and they all turned out to be a big flop. I’m going to tell you why this program is different and why you need […]