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PPC to CPA Affiliate Marketing Case Study

June 25th, 2008 posted by · 1 Comment

Matthew Berman of Internet Business Daily has written a wonderful post on his first try at PPC and CPA affiliate marketing. After reading this post, it got be thinking… what was my first try at this like?

Back in 2006, I wasn’t too familiar with which affiliate networks were good to join and which were a waste of time. I didn’t know too much about landing pages or even what PPC and CPA stood for. However, I was familiar with Google AdWords.

My first campaign was for Colgate toothpaste. I joined a network that paid $2.50 for each short questionnaire that was filled out regarding dental hygiene. I launched a two day AdWords campaign and spent about $20 a day on it. The first day didn’t go so well, with only about 4 submissions and my entire budget eaten up in no time. The second day also bombed, but at least I didn’t spend my entire $20 again.

At this point, I was very fresh to this idea and didn’t do any keyword research, market analysis or testing. I remember going to the WickedFire forum to ask for help as a n00b. One of the members referred me to a keyword generator site, which I can’t remember the URL for today. Anyway, I did some research, tweaked my campaign and beefed up my landing page. I spent another $20 with AdWords and tracked the results closely. The first day I was seeing a lot more conversions and I was actually making more than my budget this time! The second day was equally as successful and I made about $50. I was pleased, as you could imagine and the rest they say is history.

However, today I don’t think anybody is promoting Colgate, or maybe they are, you never know. But there are much better converting offers out there, which apply to a more broader market. Just last week I joined Market Leverage after reading about them for weeks on other blogs. They have some great high-converting offers to promote if you’re looking to get into the PPC and CPA marketing game.

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