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Sunday Chatter – 6/29

June 29th, 2008 posted by · No Comments

3 Bucks for Brendan

Vancouver resident, Brendan Baker, has a dream of going to Oxford Saïd Business School and obtaining his MBA in social entrepreneurship. The only problem is, that he doesn’t have the $90,000 it takes to attend the prestigious overseas school. Instead of hoping to win the lottery, Brendan is leveraging the power of the internet and social media to raise the money in only two months. Can he do it? Visit his website to find out more and donate whatever amount you wish.

Are ZIP and E-mail Offers Worth It?

You’ve all seen them, the simple one field offers which pay out a couple bucks just for a visitor’s zip code or e-mail address. As a marketer, you don’t even have to think about or pay attention to the offer you’re promoting. But as a visitor, it can be a tedious task to complete those offers once they fill in their information. Zac Johnson wrote a post about this very subject over at his blog. The nice thing about it is he got a free T.V. (almost free) by trying one of those e-mail submit offers himself. Not bad.

UBD Block Ad Plugin

Most bloggers manage their 125×125 ad blocks manually by encoding HTML in their sidebar. Well, now there’s a plugin to do that for you and make your life easier. Ultimate Blog Designs released their UBD Block Ad Plugin recently, which works in conjunction with WordPress. Managing and rotating your ads was never so easy. Really!

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