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How to Finally Make Money with AdSense

June 23rd, 2008 posted by · 1 Comment

I’m a frequent visitor to The Rich Jerk forum. It’s probably the best internet marketing forum around and it’s where I learned most of what I know today.

One of the members, Evpstud, posted a topic last month about how to finally make money with Google AdSene. Many webmasters get a few clicks here and there to earn them a couple cents, but it’s not really anything to retire on.

Evpstud explains a guaranteed way to get higher click through ratios with AdSense…

The best way to make money with Adsense sites is to forget this “niche” site stuff and go for something that there is already lots of people gunning for. Why? Because there are tons of advertisers and that means they’ll pay more to appear on your site.

The EASIEST way to get started making money with Google Adsense is to create a proxy site. Search for the Glype script – it’s free and requires no programming, MYSQL, or anything to run properly. There are even existing templates for customization. All you have to do is add your Adsense ads into the config file for the script and start driving traffic to it.

Money in the bank. People can’t get enough of proxy sites! They are always looking for more. This means you can constantly be advertising your site and lots of fresh visitors will be coming every day. It’s worked like a charm for me.

One note: Not all hosting companies accept proxies! Make sure yours does before you start sending proxy traffic. The most reliable host I’ve used for my proxy sites is Php Proxy Host. They have plans starting as little as $3 per month.

If you get tired of your proxy site, they also sell well. You can sell your money-making proxy site for a nice quick chunk of cash once it’s getting regular traffic and generating profitable clicks. Good luck!

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1 Comment so far
  1. Andy MyAvatars 0.2

    I heard about this before but the per-visitor bandwidth consumption is large since the content of every site surfed passes through your hosting.

    Also, there may be legal issues to consider. What kind of people will be using your site? And what kind of content will you be relaying via your site?

    The quality of traffic to the Adsense is likely to be very low too I would guess. So it could be harmful to your overall Adsense account earnings per click.

    But if it works, what the heck :twisted: