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Blogging to Make Money vs. Making Money Blogging

June 20th, 2008 posted by · 2 Comments

There are a number of reasons one chooses to blog. It could be for personal reasons (to vent), for fun or for a specific purpose in hopes of gaining something down the road.

From the time I’ve been blogging (July 2006 – present), I’ve noticed two groups of people in the internet marketing niche. Those who blog with the mindset of making money and those who blog and end up making money because of it. You want to be in the second category of bloggers – trust me.

Blogging to Make Money

Blogging for the sole purpose of making money may make you a few bucks, but in the long run it’s not a solid business model and you’ll soon crash. If the only reason you’re writing posts is to throw in your affiliate link every chance you get, you can guarantee you won’t be blogging for too much longer. The whole idea is to build up an audience and gain the trust of your readers.

People are very savvy these days and can spot duplicate content, pointless posts and sales pitches. Think long and hard about what you want to accomplish and pick a solid niche. Blogging can be very profitable, but if you force it, chances are you won’t be around too long.

Making Money Blogging

This is the group where most bloggers in the internet marketing niche fall into. They all have other projects on the go and blog about their progress online in their spare time (like me). The content comes naturally beacuse they aren’t stressing out on what to write about – they simply write about their journey to become successful online. The good thing is, because content is all natural and unique, and truthful (hopefully), the readership begins to grow, more people link to your site and look at you as an authority and you become almost like a web celebrity. When all of this happens, the money starts coming in automatically. Soon other webmasters want to buy ad space on your blog, you’re getting approached by ad networks who want you to join them and the list goes on. Take a look at John Chow for example. His blog started off as a personal site where he would write about cars, food and travel. Eventually he began selling ad space and now makes over $30,000 a month from his blog. Not too shabby.

The point is, if you’re starting off in the blogging world only to make money, you should probably think of another way to earn it, some people do blogging along with gambling, in that case it is easier to see your earnings, we recommend to click here if you are interested on this solution, poker online it’s a good bet to make money. It may be okay for a little while, but your full potential will come when you least expect it and you blog for reasons that are morally right.

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2 Comments so far
  1. Troy Franklin MyAvatars 0.2

    Very good point about blogging and making money from it. I think you could sum it up like this: attraction rather than promotion!

  2. PLRPro MyAvatars 0.2

    Great post on Blogging to Make Money vs. Making Money Blogging! Always nice to read this kind of quality information, without the BS and hype 😉

    Thanks for sharing,