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Generate Unlimited Polls and Cash with Poll Factory

June 4th, 2008 posted by · 2 Comments

I’ve been using a piece of software lately that creates user-friendly polls on the fly. Everybody loves taking part in web poll questions because they’re fast and easy. Polls are a guaranteed way to get user response and visitor input on your website.

Now I’m going to tell you how you can get paid for using those simple polls. Poll Factory is software you install on your server which allows you to generate unlimited polls and redirect your voters to a CPA offer. Each time a visitor clicks “Yes” or “No”, or whatever answer you want them to, they’re taken to a predetermined offer you’ve already set up.

Coke or Pepsi? Mariah or Beyonce? David Archuleta or David Cook? Burritos or Quesadillas? These are just a few questions I came up with in about 10 seconds. Creating dozens of polls a day and then driving traffic to these questions is a sure way to generate a lot of money for yourself.

Currently I’m running $1.50/per lead CPA offers on all of my questions. That means that for every e-mail address the user fills in, I get $1.50. Even if 50 people a day answer your questions, that’s $75 you never had before.

Poll Factory handles everything for you with a simple administration panel. Just fill in a few short fields and your poll is done.

Here’s a look at how it’s configured.

As you can see, the software handles everything for you, including images, colors, RSS content feeds etc. It also generates the PHP code you need to use in the “Output” tab. Once you get this code, simply paste it into an index.php file and upload it to your preferred folder for users to take the question.

Many other marketers use polls to make money, but they do it manually. Your advantage over the ones who don’t know this software exists is HUGE! The average amount of time it would take someone to make a poll with manually coding it would be hours. With Poll Factory, you can fire off a new poll every 3-5 minutes.

Here is an example poll created with Poll Factory…

Is Oprah abusing her power?

I originally bought the software about two months ago, but only seriously started using it this week (I’ve been super busy with other things). I wish I hadn’t let so much time go by before I gave it a shot. Since I wrote this post, I’ve probably created another 30 polls or so.

Eric Mitz is the creator of Poll Factory and is a very savvy internet marketer. I’ve been following him online for a while now and trust him completely.

The software also comes with a 30 day refund policy, so if you generate a few polls and don’t make a dime, just let Eric know and he’ll refund you. Simple as that.

Now I have to get going… there are polls to be made!

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2 Comments so far
  1. IMHustle MyAvatars 0.2

    Good post Chris on Poll Factory. I know Eric from the CashTactics forum. I was glad to see him get this launched and that it has been so well received. Anyone wanting more info on how to make Poll Factory work for them and/or how to do PPC – CPA should check out the Cashtactics blog.

  2. Shlomit Weinreb Fleach MyAvatars 0.2

    That’s cute, but Ipesonaly don’t understand why you would do it apart from useing it as a capture page. But I didn’t put my name or anything in here. It was already here when I finished reading the post. Amazing! 😎