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How I Make Money with Anchored Links

June 2nd, 2008 posted by · 7 Comments

Getting your site on the front page of Google’s search results for your niche is a webmaster’s dream. Picking the correct niche though, is what makes this dream come true. However, just picking a good niche won’t automatically get you listed high within Google. It may get you within the search results, but definitely not on the first page and definitely not within the first couple of weeks. To help speed up this process and gain more authority in Google’s eyes, you need back links and more importantly, anchored links.

When I first opened up my first BANS (Build a Niche Store), I was looking to get the most traffic possible right off the bat. With a brand new domain and website, it take a few weeks to get listed on Google and other search engines.

To get some quick back links with my targeted anchor text, I wrote articles, enlisted the help of other sites to do link exchanges and most importantly, I used Bookmarking Demon software. This is probably my most important secret weapon in getting traffic to my sites from Google. What Bookmarking Demon does is create hundreds of accounts on popular social networking websites and then tags your pages with targeted tags and keywords. The result is that Google sees hundreds of authoritative websites linking back to you and thinks, “Hmm… a lot of sites are linking to this one, maybe we should boost his ranking and give him authority.” What happens if you see your site starting to climb in the search results for your given keyword and that means more traffic for you, but most importantly – more money!

Because this software needs to run continuously, I’ve put back together an old HP desktop I had lying around in my basement. It’s from 1999, so the hardware itself is WAY out of date. However, it gets the job done by being able to run Bookmarking Demon 24/7.

The idea is to have a solid attack plan and choose a topic that interests you. Once you do that and end up launching your blog, search for some affiliate programs to link to. After awhile the process will be completely automated and you’ll be making money while you sleep.

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7 Comments so far
  1. Desmond - MyAvatars 0.2

    So, basically the core of the idea is through social media marketing? 🙁

    I hate social media marketing.

  2. Flimjo MyAvatars 0.2

    Chris, love the idea with the software. But don’t you think Google will pick up on that at some point??

  3. Chris Jacobson MyAvatars 0.2

    Desmond: Social marketing isn’t a favourite of mine either, but the software makes the process as automatic as possible.

    Flimjo: Because the software creates the accounts for you, there is no trail leading back to you.

  4. Sam MyAvatars 0.2

    What social bookmarking sites actually increase your google authority? I haven’t tried social bookmarking at all and would like to give it a try manually first before I can buy a software to my work.

    Don’t social bookmarking sites use nofollow tag on links?

  5. Desmond - MyAvatars 0.2

    Haha…softwares rock! 😈

  6. Trisha Sebastian MyAvatars 0.2

    Thanks for the info! Ü 😛

  7. Dot MyAvatars 0.2

    well social media marketing really received lotsa buzz lately.. so it’s really ideal to ‘steal’ their traffic though

    good info!