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Sunday Chatter – 6/8

June 8th, 2008 posted by · No Comments

Top Commentators

Starting next month I’ll begin posting the top commentators on this blog, along with links to their websites. This is just to reward comment participation and input from my readers. So get commenting on the posts you read and perhaps you’ll see your name in the top 5 list next month.

10 Most Good Looking, Popular Bloggers

Who do you think is the most attractive blogger? Personally, I think iJustine from is, but unfortunately she didn’t make the list. I do find it humourous though that John Chow is last. Maybe if he got a better haircut, as opposed to that buzz cut, he’d move up in the rankings.

How to Sell Advertising on Your Website

Many webmasters struggle with the idea of how to sell advertising on their website. Many don’t know how to do it, or try to do it and fail miserably; sometimes even driving advertisers away. Courtney Tuttle wrote a great post which explains in detail how you can sell advertising on your site. Wonderful tips!

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