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Sunday Chatter – 5/11

May 11th, 2008 posted by · No Comments

Don’t Get Banned from Google AdSense

It happens everyday – publishers getting the boot from AdSense. It can happen for many reasons; invalid click activity, your competitors can get you banned by constantly clicking your ads or your friends and family can try to help you make money by secretly clicking your ads. AdSenseClickLock is a program that can help prevent this from happening to you by running a creative script in accordance with your AdSense account. A must-have if you depend on AdSense to bring in revenue from your website. After all, once you get banned, there’s little hope to ever getting back in.

Creative Labs Copies The Flip?

Last month I wrote about the famous Flip Video camcorder that every blogger seems to be using these days. Now it seems that Creative Labs has realized the popularity and success of The Flip and have copied it completely! Take a look at how identical Creative’s version is. I smell a lawsuit.

Friendly Twitter Update

I asked you to start following me on Twitter and so far, quite a few readers have. I’m quite new to Twitter and I absolutely love it! It’s definitely a great way to stay updated with the industry in real time. Sure, you can read blogs (and I still do), but it seems most bloggers share their vital information on Twitter before they post about it publicly on their sites. It’s just another example of how social networking is truly the newest way to stay connected. I’ve also noticed a few bloggers have their newest posts automatically sent to their Twitter feed. I’ve enabled this feature as well, which can be done by visiting To see who has the most followers on Twitter, there’s also

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