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How Tagline Branding Works with Your Affiliate Marketing Plan

May 5th, 2008 posted by · No Comments

The following is a guest post by Emilia from, where you can learn more about affiliate marketing.

A tagline is a five to eight word phrase designed to differentiate your business from others in the same niche. In today’s crowded market, an effective tagline can help set your affiliate marketing plan apart from the competition, but it can also be an important part of your search optimization (SEO) plan. You may also get local search engine marketing from the pros and thus maximize the benefits of inbound marketing in your business.

From big businesses, such as Nike’s “Just Do It” and Apple’s “Think Different” to many small online websites, there are many great examples of how a unique and appealing tagline can make a business more memorable. On the web, however, your tagline presents a unique opportunity to boost your search optimization efforts. By creating a well-written tagline that utilizes specific keywords, you can improve your search rankings and attract more viewers to your site.

Choosing The Right Tagline For Your Affiliate Marketing Plan

Unfortunately, small businesses often misunderstand and misuse taglines. These brief messages are not to be confused with a mission statement or business description. Instead, a tagline should describe what your website offers with a few target keywords. By developing a carefully crafted tagline, you can reinforce your brand while boosting your SEO efforts.

Whether you are starting a new affiliate marketing business or trying to revive an existing one, it’s essential to create tagline branding that truly works. How can you choose the tagline keywords that are right for your affiliate marketing business? Start by creating a list of words, phrases and ideas that convey essential qualities about your company.

As you are developing your list, answer the following questions in 10 words or less:

What does our company do?
What service do we provide?
What are our business goals?
How does our company differ from the competition?
What is our company’s biggest strength?

Once you have a list of potential words, phrases and ideas, start sifting through the material for inspiration. Then, conduct some keyword research to determine which words and phrases for which your target audience is searching. Consider some of the following tips as you continue to hone your message.

* Avoid the obvious, but keep the tagline simple. Research your competition to make sure that your tagline is unique, but always keep your focus on the key words and phrases you have selected.

* Eliminate wordiness. Hone your message to focus entirely on your targeted search phrase.

* Be authentic. Don’t try to cram as many keywords as you can into your tagline, since both customers and search engines will reject this obvious attempt at ‘keyword stuffing.’ Instead, choose just one or two keywords that truly represent what your affiliate marketing website has to offer.

How To Use Taglines To Boost SEO Strategies

Once you have selected a tagline, it is time to start using it to help define your brand and promote your website. Affiliate marketing is a highly competitive industry, but an effective tagline ranks higher in search results and stand apart from your competition. Utilize the following tips to help make the most of your tagline and to produce the best possible SEO results.

Start by placing your tagline at the top of each page, near your website name or logo. Instead of using an image or graphic, simply use a short line of text for your tagline. Then, turn your tagline into a link that connects back to the front page of your site. By utilizing your target keywords in the anchor text of your tagline link, your affiliate marketing homepage can enjoy a boost in search rank.

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