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Sunday Chatter – 5/4

May 4th, 2008 posted by · No Comments

How To Optimize An Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce sites can make you BIG money these days. People love to shop and buy goods online and an ecommerce store allows them to do that – while you’re earning money. I told you about my Build a Niche Store (BANS) store a couple weeks ago, so if you’ve gone ahead and opened up your own based on my recommendation, you’ll love this next part. Lynn Terry wrote a post this week about the 7 things you need to do to optimize an ecommerce site.

Searching for a Domain Made Easy

Domize is a neat tool you can use to find out if a domain name is already registered or not. Simply enter your preferred domain (without the .com, .net or .org) and Domize will search in seconds using a Flash based interface to see if the domain is available. If is available for example, “.com” will be highlighted in blue, if other extensions aren’t available (.net or .org), they will be highlighted in red. Officially Sold

Last week in my Sunday Chatter post I told you about how Krysti from put her blog up for sale. It was a bit of a shock, because last Friday she made the announcement that she would be taking offers for only 72 hours. By Monday morning, the blog was bought by someone named “JJ”. I don’t really know why Krysti got rid of the blog in the first place. She always provided great information and to just flip the site after 6 months makes me think that was her plan from the beginning, even though she claims it wasn’t. Oh well. I wish her good luck in her future online endeavours.

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