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Sunday Chatter – 4/6

April 6th, 2008 posted by · No Comments

No, I Didn’t Lose My Work

I pulled an April Fools’ joke on April 2nd this year making you believe I had lost my work as a result of John Chow’s Rick Roll. I’m actually not suing him, nor did he settle anything for $5,000. Hey, at least I didn’t Rick Roll anybody. :)

19 Year Old Wants to Make a Million Dollars

Many people strive to make a fortune online, but the best success stories always come from those who get creative. Pat Hankinson, a 19 year old from Canada wants to be the next internet millionaire. He’s taking a different approach to what others may think will make them a million bucks. Pat has created a site called, which provides links for high traffic keywords at a cost. Pat is focusing on bringing in traffic to his site using social networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc. So far his Alexa rating has spiked considerably and he’s already raised over $2,400 in a short period of time. Krysti over at did an interview with Pat recently and asked him quite a few questions on his journey to make a million dollars.

WordPress Theme Selections

Part of keeping your blog fresh is to update its theme every now and then. There’s nothing like a new attractive theme to keep readers coming back, as well as creating a visually appealing sight for all to see. You don’t have to spend crazy amounts of money to get a new theme. Unique Blog Designs and Sharp Wit Designs, for example, do excellent work and you won’t be broke after your theme is completed. If a news oriented blog is the style you’re going for, have a look at the Live Wire Series of themes. However, if you’re a new blogger and don’t want to spend any money at all or if you just blog for fun, there are numerous free themes you can download. Check out these WordPress Theme Selections over at

Stumpedia – The Human Powered Search Engine

We all know about search engines and how heavily users rely on them to get traffic to their sites, but now there’s a new human powered site to deliver the same results. Stumpedia allows you to submit a site for any given keyword you desire – instantly. As an experiment, I searched for ‘Chris Jacobson’ and found no results. Not a surprise since I hadn’t submitted my site yet. I signed up for a new account (which literally took 10 seconds) and entered my URL to be related to the search phrase of my name. After automatically verifying that my site exists and gathering the meta tags from it, searching for ‘Chris Jacobson’ brought up as the first and only result. Think of the endless possibilities on how you could claim a popular keyword for immediate inclusion within Stumpedia and have it driven to one of your sites, or better yet, one of your sites which contains those lovely affiliate links. :twisted:

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