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Sunday Chatter – 3/30

March 30th, 2008 posted by · No Comments

WordPress 2.5 Finally Released

The newest version of WordPress 2.5 was released yesterday after months of speculation on how it would look and what options would be available. After playing around with it for a few hours, I think the greatest feature in this new release is the ability to update plugins automatically without going to a different site, downloading the plugin and then uploading it via FTP. This new option to update them with only a click is surely a time saver. Of course, the biggest change is obviously the appearance of the dashboard and admin panel. It takes some getting used to and a few options are in different places, but so far, so good. Download WordPress 2.5 here.

The Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin Ever!

Every blog needs a contact form and while most bloggers choose quite a basic plugin to do this (myself included), others are going the fancy route and installing a very pretty plugin. I was surfing around this week and came across the cforms II plugin for WordPress. It’s probably the most customizable contact form I’ve ever seen for a blogging platform. This plugin allows you to add a number of options to your contact form, such as the ability for users to use radio buttons, check boxes, upload files, password boxes and even create single text inputs. Additionally, you can even have a unique contact form for different parts of your site. Take a look at a preview below.

cformsii plugin for WordPress

How to Get Double Ranked in Google

Many people struggle with getting their site indexed in Google, especially if it’s new. But how about getting the first two listings pointing to your site for your preferred keyword? Not too shabby if I say so myself. writes on how you can achieve a double Google listing with the first two results pointing to your site. While this depends heavily on how many incoming links you have, there are other tricks you can do as well.

Top 10 Mac Applications

While more computer users are realizing the pros outweigh the cons when thinking of going either the PC or Mac route for a new computer, more are choosing to go with Apple. When you finally make the switch, or if you already have, then you’ll need some useful applications to make your life even easier. Gary Lee writes (via his personal top 10 list on his favourite Mac applications. Want more favourite apps? Take a look at more recommendations, but this time from John Cow. Geeks take note.

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