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Back from Las Vegas!

March 24th, 2008 posted by · 6 Comments

It was a short holiday and I miss it already. I’m back from spending a week in Las Vegas. It was a very busy trip with nothing but sight seeing, walking and gambling. The amount of people at any given time of day in any casino is quite overwhelming and they are all playing all sorts of games including roulette or as they say in Indonesia rolet. I had some great food at the all you can eat buffets and tried out some very nice steak houses and delicatessens. On the way down and back I had to switch planes in Denver, CO. I’ve never been to a bigger airport than the one in Denver. For those that haven’t passed through there, it’s one big long terminal made up of 138 gates on 3 concourses. To give you an idea of the size, it took me 24 minutes to walk from gate 13 to gate 93 to catch my connecting flight. They have moving sidewalks too, but I needed the exercise.

As far as gambling goes, I won $12 and only spent $2 at the Monte Carlo. I quit while I was ahead! Hey, at least I won something. Makes me want to test my luck on the best websites for slots. Many people in the casinos were stressed out by losing and kept on feeding the machines. I saw one lady with $300 and lose it all over again after 10 minutes. Below are a few pictures from my trip. I took over 700 of them, but for the purpose of this blog and the fact that I have a life, I won’t post all of them. Enjoy! :mrgreen:

Airport - Las Vegas
I’m here! Finally after a long day of flights I arrive at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

Treasure Island - Las Vegas
This is the hotel I stayed at. Treasure Island (TI) was a wonderful hotel and casino with outstanding guest service and endless amenities. The food at the buffet was also top notch and I think I gained about 15 lbs.

Treasure Island - Las Vegas
This is an outside shot of TI at night. In front of the hotel is a pirate ship for the show they do 4 times a night called the Sirens of TI. Lots of smoke and explosions accompany the show and leave you standing with your jaw dropped at the end. Fabulous performance!

Wynn - Las Vegas
This is the Wynn hotel located right across the street from where I stayed. It’s very high class and the stores inside the promenade are very pricey. I saw a pair of golf shoes for $2,400. The restaurants and food options found at the Wynn are also worthy of being mentioned. I ate at a place inside called Tableau. Nothing like a $75 steak to fill the belly after a long day of sight seeing. Directly to the left of the Wynn is another identical tower currently being built as an addition called Encore. I’m very jealous of Steve Wynn.

New York-New York - Las Vegas
This is the New York-New York hotel located towards the beginning of the strip. Inside is a carefully designed replica of the streets of New York. The outside is made to look like SoHo, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and even has a roller coaster taking you inside the hotel. I had a famous New York style hot dog at one of the eateries… yummy!

Flamingo - Las Vegas
The Flamingo hotel was across the street from Caesars Place where I took this picture. As you can see by the huge graphic, Toni Braxton is currently performing there.

Elton John - Las Vegas
The Elton John store was located inside Caesars Place, where Elton is currently performing. His show was sold out for everyday I was in Vegas. I should have ordered tickets before I went.

Ray Romano - Las Vegas
I really wanted to see Ray Romano perform at the Mirage, but I was leaving to go home on the 21st. So much to see, so little time!

Luxor - Las Vegas
This is the Luxor hotel, which has the best shape of any building on the strip. The inside is no different; made up to look like an ancient pyramid. Each room inside has a slanted roof as would be expected. It’s also quite dark inside, which adds to the atmosphere.

Carrot Top - Las Vegas
Comedian Carrot Top has his show at the Luxor. It was also sold out when I tried getting tickets.

Criss Angel - Las Vegas
For those of you familiar with Criss Angel and his show on A&E, this is his production office as seen on the show. Criss wasn’t currently in production when I was there, but I was told he was in the building. He currently lives at the Luxor in a suite.

Criss Angel - Las Vegas
The official Criss Angel store has some of the original props and artifacts on display that Criss has used in previous episodes.

The Strip - Las Vegas
The Las Vegas strip as seen from my hotel room.

Although I didn’t catch any shows while I was there, I was very busy and constantly on the go. When I go back I’ll definitely order my tickets in advance and try to check out the old strip (Freemont Street). The weather was amazing everyday – very warm and sunny. I spent one afternoon around the TI pool and got a pretty good tan. Now that I’m back home all I want to do is start planning my return to Vegas. 😎

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6 Comments so far
  1. hotels in vegas MyAvatars 0.2

    Last time I was in Vegas I stayed at the Wynn and it was wonderful but I didn’t go to shows like you. I spent most of my time running up and down the strip trying to take it all in, the blue man group was all booked up when I was there so I was unable to see them, maybe next time. So much to do in Vegas, so little time.

  2. Jackie MyAvatars 0.2

    I LOVE VEGAS! I will be going there in April. We usually get good comps when we go because we gamble and win a good amount of money.

  3. Chris Jacobson MyAvatars 0.2

    Jackie: Where do you normally stay?

  4. Jackie MyAvatars 0.2

    The Flamingo, but we stay in the new rooms with the Comps (for Free) and we also have Comps for TI, Mirage and Belagio. I think just getting Comps alone is a fun game.

  5. todd from talking dynamics MyAvatars 0.2

    toni braxton? carrot top? vegas is where has beens from the entertainment industry go to die. its the same as old people and Florida.

  6. Chris Jacobson MyAvatars 0.2

    You forgot to add Barry Manilow and Roseanne who were also performing while I was there. lol