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How To Market a Product on eBay

March 7th, 2008 posted by · No Comments

There are millions of items for sale today on eBay, so how do you get yours to stand out from the rest? Whether you’re drop shipping or just selling an eBook, the way you set up your auction page and search listing is crucial.

Many people have walked away from eBay recently due to their extra security measures they’ve put in place, making it mandatory to have a credit card on file or link a bank account if you’re a seller. This is a good thing and a bad thing. Obviously it’s good that eBay is realizing the growing number of scams and are finding a way to curb them. On the other hand, many people are afraid of disclosing their financial information, even to eBay. Thus making them forget about the world’s largest marketplace altogether.

But let’s say you don’t mind about letting eBay have your bank or credit card information. How can you make the most out of your selling experience and get the exposure you want?

It’s all in the title

Example: Soccer shoes – men’s – new

It’s unbelievable how many times I see someone using a horrible title like the example above and then wondering why their item didn’t sell. The rules you should go by as far as making your auction sound appealing are…

  • Use capital letters. This is probably the only time using capital letters on the internet is considered acceptable. It will get your listing that added advantage in the search results over the titles that choose to use only lower case. Here’s a look at one of my listings:
    Chris Jacobson’s eBay Listing
  • Be descriptive. You should always use as much room as you’re given when inputing your title text. Do a simple search for the same item you’re selling and see how you can improve on the title from what other sellers are using. But remember to use caps! The same rule applies to the listing itself. State your terms for the sale, such as shipping info, refund policy, what payment method you’ll accept etc.
  • Don’t be cheap. Buy a listing picture. I hardly even click on listings that don’t display a picture of the item in the search results. It’s about 35 cents the last time I checked, but can make a huge difference on whether you get the most for your item or not.
  • Make the listing page pretty. Yes, I said pretty. Don’t just use simple text on a few lines, make the most out of your space and remember that HTML is allowed. Make something cool looking in Dreamweaver and then copy and paste the HTML code into your listing. Create some borders and jazz it up a bit.

Doing these simple little things will make a huge difference in the exposure you get and more importantly, how much money you make. Try this simple and free eBay auction software from Auctiva to get you started.

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