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Brring! – Scam or Not?

February 13th, 2008 posted by · 8 Comments

Brring!Many of my readers have voiced their concern with Brring!, the call forwarding service that helps you make money. Many members have reported that they haven’t been getting paid or receiving a response from the Brring! support team. As one of the first members to be in the Brring! beta test period a few months ago, I can say from experience that I was paid on time. It wasn’t much… I only made around $60, but the main reason I joined wasn’t to make money, but to get another phone number to give to clients other than my personal one. Many times when a company becomes unresponsive, especially on the internet, many people start yelling scam and bad mouthing them without any cause. As someone who has been scammed before personally, I can completely understand the frustration. Fortunately any program or product I’ve recommended on this blog has turned out to be legitimate. In the event that one of them turns out to be sour, I would certainly inform my readers and remove any endorsement I’ve previously written. This doesn’t appear to be the case with Brring! though.

I contacted Brring! last week to ask what’s up with their service lately. I also asked around on numerous forums about people’s experiences with the company. What I found from everyday members around the net is that some have been paid and some haven’t. It’s about 50/50. The people that had been paid were paid on time without an issue. The other half of the group I asked who hadn’t seen a cent from Brring! contacted me a few days later to report they received an e-mail regarding their delayed payment. The copy of the e-mail that Brring! sent out to its members was the same one I received just one day after e-mailing them myself.

Basically since the beta stage of the program, the company has been overwhelmed with the amount of members who have joined up. They’re also working hard to be able to provide additional area codes for their phone numbers. This would be something quite beneficial to me, as it gets a little confusing when I had out my business card to people and they see I live in Canada, but have a New York area code. Brring! promises to get the rest of the back payments issued as quickly as possible and hopefully regain some credibility among its members.

I’ll be watching this issue very closely and I expect a positive outcome once people start cashing those checks. If all else fails, I’ll challenge the owners of Brring! to a fight at 3 o’clock near the swing set. :twisted:

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8 Comments so far
  1. Treezy MyAvatars 0.2

    I have Faith in Brring!! :smile:

  2. Johnson Dea MyAvatars 0.2

    I’ll be waiting for updates!

  3. Johnson Dea MyAvatars 0.2

    Wondering if you’ve actually received telemarketer calls on your phone?

  4. Chris Jacobson MyAvatars 0.2

    None yet *keeping fingers crossed*.

  5. Jackie MyAvatars 0.2

    Hmm I am now very curious about this company, I have seen it all over the web lately…

  6. Jessie MyAvatars 0.2

    I requested payment twice in late Nov. Still haven’t seen a dime. Emailed & got a response in early Jan stating they needed more time. Still nothing. Starting to feel it’s a scam, four months and still no payment.

  7. Alex MyAvatars 0.2

    Requested Payment twice in December and saw nothing. They havnt even responded to emails and no updates on their blog in a month.

  8. Carla MyAvatars 0.2

    I received a check today that I requested from them in December, so it appears that they are finally getting all those back checks out!