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Crazy MadHatter Debuts

November 27th, 2006 posted by · No Comments

Our first Worthy Cause is an organization called Stand Up For Kids or
SU4K for short visit their website for more details.

This program is simple; the steps to make it work are very easy
1. Visit this link
2. Create an account by Clicking on Create Your Free Mini Albums Now!
and following the directions given.
3. Create an Album Name.
4. Add a Description to your Album (enter the text and then click
anywhere outside the text area to save it).
5. To Upload Photos; add a title for each photo as needed and enter
the file name or browse to the location of the photo and click Upload.
Add a few Photos, but 3 seem to work best for what we want to do.
6. Click the My Albums link at the top and then Click on Grab Code.
7. Copy and Paste the MySpace Profile Code into your MySpace Profile(s).
8. Copy and Paste the MySpace Comment Code into comments that you send
to your ALL your Friends.
9. Fasten your seatbelts and be ready to Make Lots of Money for
Homeless Kids and Yourself.
10. And be extremely happy because you are Making Money While You Make
A Difference.

Visit Crazy MadHatter.

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