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WordPress 2.4 Skipped for 2.5

January 7th, 2008 posted by · No Comments

WordPressWordPress 2.4 was originally scheduled for release later this month (January 24th to be exact). However, developers have decided to scrap 2.4 all together and launch 2.5 instead in early March.

Matt Mullenweg of the WordPress Hackers mailing list wrote the following:

In light of the big changes happening in the codebase and admin section, we’re going to push back the next release to be aimed for early March.

This is the time frame when 2.5 was originally schedule for, so we’re treating the originally planned 2.4 in December as a skipped release, as a result of both the holidays and the large changes which we weren’t able to start on until late October.

There’s some good stuff in the oven, and we don’t want to rush it.

The new release shall be called 2.5. Various official docs and road maps will be updated in due course.

While you wait for 2.5, you can take a look at what 2.4 would have looked like if it were to be released. Rumours are that it will have the same interface as 2.5, so check out the video below for a quick peak. I’m not sure that I particularly like the orange they chose for the new dashboard, but I’m sure it will grow on me.

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