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Most Visited Websites of 2007

December 31st, 2007 posted by · 1 Comment

It’s the last day of the year, so I figured I’d make some sort of reflection post. Below is the Internet’s official list of the most visited websites during 2007. To break it a down a little bit, all of these sites either fit into the search, social networking or user generated contest category. As you can tell, those niches will always be popular.

Top 10 Most Visited Websites of 2007

Alexa’s Top 5 Comparison

  1. Yahoo!
  2. Google
  3. Windows Live
  4. YouTube
  5. Microsoft Network (MSN)
  6. MySpace
  7. Facebook
  8. Wikipedia
  9. Hi5
  10. Orkut

Source: Alexa

My Most Visited Websites of 2007

Here’s what made the cut in my browser this year.

  1. Facebook
    This one speaks for itself. There isn’t a better social networking site out there (that I’m aware of) that offers what Facebook does.
  2. TMZ
    My daily guilty pleasure for breaking celebrity news and scandals. I’m also addicted to TMZ TV every weeknight on FOX.
  3. Google Webmaster Tools
    Probably a webmaster’s best friend when it comes to analyzing and interpreting website information and how Google handles all of it.
  4. PayPal
    This is where I measure my funds and keep track of payments sent and received. Doesn’t everyone use PayPal?
  5. The Weather Network
    My weather destination for keeping tabs on Canadian weather across the nation.
  6. Alexa
    Another webmaster tool – which measures incoming traffic to your site. I’m a little obsessed with my ranking.
  7. The Rich Jerk
    This message forum is probably the best on the web for internet marketing and networking. Read my full review of it.
  8. eBay
    I’m a buyer, but more importantly a seller. This is where I first launched the sale of my eBook a few months ago.
  9. PayDotCom
    Great affiliate marketplace for buying and selling products. I plan on spending a lot more time pushing goods from this site in the new year.
  10. Future Shop
    I’m a bit of a tech junkie and this is probably my favourite store for all things electronic related. They just had a HUGE Boxing Day sale too.

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  1. UnrivaledShogun MyAvatars 0.2

    I bet I singlehandedly added 1000 visits to youtube throughout 2007.