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What Newbie Internet Marketers Don’t Know

December 24th, 2007 posted by · 2 Comments

Are you a n00b?I’m sure if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I only seriously started internet marketing in July 2006. Before then I was dabbling in this and that, other online businesses, eBay, website design etc. Once I started marketing online full time I knew it wouldn’t be a piece of cake, which is wasn’t.

Most new internet marketers think just because they put a website up they’ll start making crazy amounts of money. Not true. It took me about a full year before I saw a substantial profit; most marketers would have given up by then. During the process of establishing myself as a successful internet marketer I ran into many others in the same boat as me. Where are these other marketers today? I have no idea – I haven’t heard from them for at least 9 months. I honestly think they must have cancelled their internet, or gone back to their day jobs.

One thing you can’t do when attempting to become a pro internet marketer is give up. I thought about quitting several times, but I stuck with it and now I’m happy with where I am. The road here wasn’t easy and it won’t be for other marketers either.

Laziness, No Motivation, Overwhelmed – 3 Things That Will Kill You Online

Most new internet marketers all suffer from these three things. They purchase a “Get Rich” program, read it once and then put it aside and do nothing. This attitude ends up ruining them and only draining their bank accounts with more wasted money spent on programs to make money. If you’ve read my book, I make no promises that you’ll make money. I state that if you do what I do and give it time you can make $500 a day, which isn’t hard to do if you’re not lazy, motivated and don’t become overwhelmed with the information in front of you. Hey, I’m a nice guy, so I even offer to give them a refund if they don’t make a dime.

I found it best to set myself goals when I started out. I would make a daily schedule of things I wanted to accomplish on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. If I didn’t accomplish these things, I would be very upset with myself and stay up late at night to make sure they got done.

Reaching Success

What does success mean to you? $1 million dollars in the bank? Being happy?
Success means something different to everybody, but to the average internet marketer it means building a brand and making more money than you started out with.

There’s no set level of success you should try to achieve, it all depends on your own personal goals. I’ve seen many marketers that reach to only make enough to buy a house, pay for college, buy a car etc and then stop. This is the worst thing you could possibly do. If you’ve come this far, continue building your brand and set yourself up for residual income, which is a steady stream of income with little to no work. For me personally, I’m at a level where if I decided to take two weeks off from working I’d still be making the same amount of money I did before I left.

If you’re a newbie, don’t feel like a tiny nobody that will never accomplish anything. I’ve seen many marketers go from nothing to making enough to quit their day job in as little as 7 months. It’s all up to you. Just do me a favour and don’t quit too soon – I like competition. 😎

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2 Comments so far
  1. Ben MyAvatars 0.2

    It can get really discouraging sometimes starting out. Then I think that leads one to stop posting because they think it won’t matter anyways.
    Having said that, I should get my but in gear and write some posts.

  2. Tamara MyAvatars 0.2

    Thanks so much for sharing this article. today is one of those days where it may just be easier to stop trying. But this got me motivated and I really appreciate that 🙂 So thanks a ton.