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Manage Site Advertising with AdToll

December 5th, 2007 posted by · No Comments


AdToll is a new service that allows webmasters to manage their site advertisements quickly and easily. With AdToll you can easily make money selling ad space on your site. You can sell many different formats of ads to appear on your site, such as the ever popular 125×125 button, 468×60 banner, text ads and more.

You set your own price for each format and AdToll handles the rest. What they do is add your site to their marketplace for other advertisers to notice. Once an advertiser is interested in your site, AdToll will contact you with the details and the appropriate advertising graphic will be displayed automatically.

How much will I earn?

You keep 75% of each ad sale. Let’s say you sell an ad for $100, you will get to keep $75 and the remaining $25 goes to AdToll for providing the service, maintenance, support, marketing etc.

Take a look at my rate card below for example. As you can see I’ve only set up one ad format I want to sell (the 125×125 button). I may offer additional formats later, but for now I’m just testing AdToll out. I’m very impressed thus far.


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