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McAfee Blocking ClickBank?

October 25th, 2007 posted by · No Comments

McAfee Site AdvisorI read yesterday that McAfee’s Site Advisor is blocking ClickBank from its system and preventing their affiliate tracking cookies from being stored.  This is apparently being caused by two sites in ClickBank’s marketplace and therefore has raised a red flag with McAfee.

A quick e-mail off to ClickBank to ask them about the problem got me the following response:

The ClickBank order form ( has been red-flagged by McAfee’s Site Advisor because of links to two sites which were ClickBank vendors that McAfee ranked as suspicious. The two sites have since been removed from the marketplace, and McAfee is looking at our site again. We are currently working with McAfee to understand how to prevent this situation from occurring again.

McAfee’s Site Advisor rates sites based on its analysis of links to the site, as well as user comments. It would help therefore if ClickBank publishers and affiliates, who felt comfortable about doing so, would go on the, look up the site report for, and add positive comments about ClickBank on the comments section.

It’s nice to know that ClickBank is on top of the issue. There were a lot of worried members of the internet marketing community expressing their frustration on message boards around the internet yesterday. We can all take a big deep breath now. 🙂

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