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A Beginner’s Guide to Proxy

October 30th, 2007 posted by · No Comments

If you’re doing anything sneaky, or if you just have the good sense to want to protect your personal information while you’re online, you must use proxies.  If you don’t know anything about proxies, please consult Wikipedia.  A proxy basically allows you to use the internet through a remote server from anywhere else in the world.  Some are nothing more than IP addresses with available ports, others have sophisticated scripts for surfing via their server.  Two examples of these kind of proxies that I’ve successfully used are:

The best way I’ve found to use the internet via proxy, however, is to download Tor and Privoxy with the plugin for Firefox. You can get it here:

Once you install the proxy pack with the Firefox plugin, there should be a little button in the bottom right of your Firefox browser with Tor Disabled.  Just click it to enable Tor and your surfing becomes safer.

All of your applications that use the web can be configured to use Tor as well.  Once you have it running on your machine, point your connection settings to “localhost:8118”.

Source: Tyler Ellison

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