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eBay: Resell eBooks for Profit

October 16th, 2007 posted by · No Comments

eBayA lot of people ask me questions related to eBay and how they can get started by using the internet’s largest marketplace.  For some quick cash with fairly little effort, I’m going to recommend you a method that anybody can put to good use.

There are hundreds of free eBooks all over the net which you can resell or give away without paying any royalties to the original author.  Most of the time this material is promoted as information only.  For example, say you wanted to target a niche on Flowers.  You can probably find royalty free material on Google, but the most easiest option is to search eBay.

Let me set up this up for you… here’s what you want to do.

  1. Search eBay using your ‘target word’ + ‘eBook’ at the end.  (Flower eBook)
  2. You’ll find numerous listings and most of them will be for 1 cent.  Buy about 10 cents worth (10 eBooks).
  3. Download your material and make sure that within its contents there’s a disclaimer allowing you to sell, give away, or copy this material.  If there isn’t, keep looking or you’ll get yourself into some legal trouble.
  4. Set up an auction page with some nice graphics and appealing text and create a simple sales pitch to promote your eBook.  List the chapters or a snippet of the content which the reader will find upon purchasing it.
  5. Set a base price for your auction… generally I find 35 cents to be perfect.
  6. If you’re already an established eBay member you can set up ‘Buy It Now’ auctions which the bidder can buy instantly from.  This is the best method if you’re selling a low ticket item.
  7. Accept payments via PayPal, because do you really want to wait to cash a check from someone for 35 cents?
  8. No refunds!  Don’t offer refunds of the eBooks you resell.  It’s hard to tell if someone is really not pleased with the product, or they’re just scamming you.  Make sure you list these terms in the auction and let the buyer know that it’s a final sale.
  9. Rinse and repeat.  Doing this enough times with multiple listings running can bring you a nice little payday.

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