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ClickBank Drops Its Best Seller

October 15th, 2007 posted by · 2 Comments

Ultimate Wealth PackageLast week ClickBank dropped Ultimate Wealth Package (UWP) from its affiliate network.  UWP was the best selling product on ClickBank for a long time.  I’m sure Mark Warren, the creator, easily made $5,000/day from affiliate sales.  I remember when I first started marketing affiliate products, UWP brought me a ton of income in sales.  There was one day last December when I sold 17 copies of UWP and I was ecstatic!

There are probably many valid reasons why ClickBank decided to discontinue the sales of this product.  Lately I heard that the customer service was lacking and customers who wanted a refund of UWP were given the cold shoulder and ignored.  I was also able to speak to a few customers who purchased UWP and they told me they felt the information was very outdated and repackaged.  Personally, I recommended UWP on my Make Money page as an excellent product for beginner internet marketers.  Basically what the program gives you is a website which will work on autopilot to earn you money from various affiliate sources.

I haven’t seen the latest version of UWP, so I can’t confirm if the information is outdated or not.  However, when I bought it for myself back in the day it was current with the latest marketing trends and it did do what it promised, which was make me money.

So what’s the next best selling product on ClickBank?  According to a simple search and filtering results by the highest gravity, it’s 12 Month Internet Millionaire.


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2 Comments so far
  1. YC MyAvatars 0.2

    I did not get a copy of this myself and all I’ve heard of it have been negative, with similar comments that you’ve highlighted. There’s no smoke without fire and I think if you come up with a product, you should always ensure there is sufficient quality service or risk losing your reputation, especially on the Internet where word of mouth(type) is very very viral.

  2. Chris Jacobson MyAvatars 0.2

    For sure. Once a company’s reputation is hurt, it’s very hard to get it back – especially on the internet.