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REVIEW: Why You Should Join T3leads Affiliate Network

October 1st, 2010 posted by · 1 Comment

It’s been a while since I’ve used T3leads to set up affiliate campaigns, but after the company recently launched a new third generation lead optimization platform, I’m giving them another look. So far, I’m very impressed.

T3leads is known for providing quality pay per leads and market opportunities to benefit both their merchants and publishers, without compromising one for the other.

The new system offers affiliates and marketers an easy way to gauge performance to quickly enhance their T3leads experience.

Affiliates now have access to more than a dozen, fully customized JavaScript forms, where a sophisticated tracking system tracks referral links, monitors leads and more.

Another benefit to joining T3leads is their reputation for having very strong conversion rates. Many affiliate companies promote the heck out of an offer, but if it doesn’t end up converting to where it’s worth your time, it’s useless. T3 prides itself on making sure affiliates get the most return possible for their marketing efforts.

Of course, what good is an affiliate network if they don’t have a referral program? T3leads offers its affiliates 3% gross revenue with customized payment options and 24/7 support. Many networks are only there to help you Monday to Friday 9-5 p.m., but in the world of Internet business, that just won’t cut it.

From a merchant standpoint, T3leads doesn’t skimp either. The same new system that benefits affiliates will also provide an interface to view and print invoices for merchants. Pertinent information, such as how many leads they have purchased, will be available for view, as well as current filters, and the redirect and accept rates of their leads.

Merchants are also provided with only the best high quality leads and 24/7 customer support whenever they need it.

Some high paying offers currently floating around T3’s network include auto warranty, home improvement, and more. Payday is one of T3lead’s strongest lead types that continue to grow, with over 40 payday lenders.

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  1. Steve MyAvatars 0.2

    For some reason Blue Phoenix deleted my account when the new month began, so I am in need of another affiliate network.