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How To Get Notified If Your Facebook Is Hacked

May 14th, 2010 posted by · No Comments

With the recent account breaches going on with Facebook, including the compromised profile of one of the company’s own board members, the social networking site has stepped up its security settings.

Late Thursday, Facebook announced new measures to keep your account secure. And if it somehow gets breached, you’ll immediately know.

Facebook has implemented notifications similar to when someone writes on your wall, or requests to add you as a friend. The notifications get sent to your e-mail and cell phone if someone else logs into your account from a different location.

By default, the new feature isn’t enabled in your account, so you’ll need to do some tweaking. Go to your Account Settings page by clicking the Account tab on the top right of any page once logged in. From there go to Account Security while in the default Settings tab. Click “Yes” to receive notifications from new devices. Log out and then back in. You’ll be asked to name your computer to be recognized by Facebook as a secure device.

Once that’s done, you’ll get an e-mail notification confirming your settings. Keep in mind, the name of your computer is stored in a cookie on your system, so if your browser clears cookies every couple of days, or you clear them manually, you’ll have to rename your computer each time.

If you see a device that shouldn’t be there, you can remove it and then change your password to resecure your account.

Voila! You’re done. See how easy that was.

Thanks, Facebook.

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