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Sunday Chatter – 5/16

May 16th, 2010 posted by · No Comments

World’s First 3D Cell Phone Camera

Sharp is releasing the world’s first 3D camera for mobile devices, the company announced this week. “3D images are composed of two views taken using two cameras that simultaneously capture separate images for the right and left eyes,” Sharp said. It will be capable of shooting video at 720p HD — why not just go for the full 1080p? If they put all their cards out on the table, there would be no room for improvement. From a consumer standpoint, this is a little unfortunate, as most people interested in this product will want to wait for the full HD version to come out. Sort of like the iPad, where a large number of folks are still eagerly waiting the implementation of a camera. Little is known on which devices will have the 3D camera, and how much it will add to the price. What is clear, though, is that the camera is expected to hit the market by the end of the year.

WordPress 3.0 Beta 2 Released

The second version to WordPress’ latest beta release came out this week. Among the improvements is the ability to manage multiple blogs from a single installation and a revised menu interface. Version 3.0 Beta 2 is still in its very early stages and only meant to serve as a testing base for developers and coders. By no means should you install this on your main website and expect to have it run flawlessly. Hopefully the final version fixes the issue some people have been having with the photo caption option. The hard-coded CSS for the caption styles is hard to overwrite with your own CSS, as you need to edit PHP files in the WP directory, as opposed to simply editing a CSS file. This was a major blunder on WordPress’ part.

Why Having Co-Workers Can Help Your Small Business

Most Internet marketers, entrepreneurs and bloggers are one-man/woman operations — in a sense they work alone in an environment to get the job done. Whether it be from home, or at a Starbucks using Wi-Fi, most small businesses, particularly online, have the owner flying solo. While you may choose at a point to hire some help, it can be extremely beneficial for you if you do. Consider bouncing ideas off of others and collaborating on projects to fast track the tasks you need to get done in an average business day. Mashable suggests the power is in numbers, and you can leverage the size of your business (big or small) to get discounts on materials you need, such as office equipment or supplies.

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