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Sunday Chatter – 4/25

April 25th, 2010 posted by · No Comments

Free Icons for Everybody!

Who doesn’t love free icons? Any blogger or website development appreciates some nice looking icons for their site. While searching for some new ones myself this week, I came across, which provides sets of application, blogging and e-commerce icons for your use. One of the top picks are their payment icons, and feature the recognizable Visa logo, along with PayPal icons and other major credit cards. If you’re designing a landing page, these would be great to put at the bottom of your sales page, or on your checkout page. You can get similar icons for a price, but I haven’t seen any much better than these free ones.

How to Turn Your iPad into a 3G Version

The iPad is currently only available in WiFi format, but soon consumers will have the option to buy the 3G version for an additional $130. Why wait for Apple? You can turn your current iPad into a 3G version for free right now and it’s pretty easy. John Chow made this great video demonstrating how it’s done.

How to Successfully Run Competitions on Your Blog

Giving away prizes and running promotions on your blog is a great way to get some free traffic and buzz. It’s also very simple to do and if you have a large following, asking a company to donate a product for your contest is a sure fire way to get people talking. There are many ways to work out the logistics of how people will enter, but whatever you decide, it has to be simple and straight forward. Having visitors sign up for such-and-such, do this, do that, and then be entered, is a hassle. No one is going to do anything that involves much effort. Make it easy like leaving a comment on the post to be entered, or tweeting out the link to the contest. Darren at ProBlogger touched on this issue this week and offered up some great tips.

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