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Sunday Chatter – 4/18

April 18th, 2010 posted by · No Comments

Windows XP Error Message Symphony Orchestra

Who knew those annoying error sounds in Windows XP could actually be turned into something pleasant? Someone with more time than I have created this awesome piece of music. It kind of sounds like a piece of music from a Super Mario Bros. video game.

9 Things Bloggers Can (and Can’t) Learn from the Army

ProBlogger has an intriguing guest post this week on what bloggers can and can’t learn from the army. One of the big things is having discipline to sit down and write a blog post in the first place. What you shouldn’t take away from the army? Jargon and acronyms — for one thing, it will confuse the heck out of your readers. But when it comes to writing mistake free posts, that’s one thing you can learn from the army. Think of it like a life and death situation. If a soldier in the field makes a mistake, it could be too late. If you apply that same attitude to your writing style, it could make you become a better blogger.

Is Social Media Overtaking E-mail?

New stats from Nielsen Online suggest social media is more popular than e-mail. That may be the case, but is it more useful? Personally, e-mail is way more effective for business relationships and making deals work. If you’re looking to catch up with an old friend, or make plans for after work drinks, Facebook and Twitter work nicely. E-mail may not be popular with the latest research, but it’s still used by millions of people — about 65.1% of all Internet users. Compare that to 66.8% of users who use social media, and the numbers are virtually in the same ballpark.

The full report is available below:


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