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Article Marketing to Boost Your SEM and Profits

October 12th, 2007 posted by · 1 Comment

YC The following is a guest post written by YC from Internet Marketing Mind.

A critical aspect of search engine marketing is the building and gathering of quality backlinks. These backlinks, which will have other web sites linking back to your own, can be had through paid links via link brokers, or you can spend time to look for sites which would not mind linking back to you for free.

There is another way to build free backlinks which I have surprisingly found not practised widely in the blogosphere. With this, you can leverage on whatever content you already have and it provides a viral effect, if the content is written well and attractive.

With article marketing, you can potentially build a high number of backlinks without having to pay for anything except with your own time. Submit well-written articles with useful and interesting content to a select number of established article directories, and they will be published by other sites that pick up on them. You will then receive more inbound links to boost your site exposure and potentially SERPs.

But how do you do it to make money?

  • Write articles on your money-making niche topics, and ensure that they are keyword optimised. Pay particular attention to your article titles.
  • You may well know that content is king. Concentrate on making it interesting and provide a bait to motivate readers to read beyond what the article contains. Do not reveal all in every article, otherwise there would be no incentive for them to go further than what you already offer in the article.
  • Strategise your resource box – make those links click-worthy and your blog will receive more visitors.
  • Submit your articles to the best article directories. Many article marketers advise to submit to as many directories as possible, to maximise exposure. However, unless you can spend time to make each submission of the articles different in some way, you run the risk of being penalised for duplicate content by search engines. And that can affect your SEM results. I prefer to do submissions on a smaller level of around 20-30 directories.

From here, you will get traffic and backlinks from 2 sources:

  • article directories’ visitors who are encouraged to click through from your resource boxes
  • webmasters/bloggers that publish your articles on their sites and this encourages referral traffic

This is a similar model on which many Web 2.0 social bookmarking networks are based on. With the resultant traffic and backlinks, all you need to concentrate on thereafter is the conversion effectiveness of your squeeze pages or pitch posts. But remember, without leveraging on this method to improve your SEM, you are likely missing out on a great way to increase your online money making opportunities.

YC is the author of Internet Marketing Mind, where he shares his ideas on Internet Marketing and making money online while leveraging on resources from his previous professional and current experience to achieve financial freedom. Learn how to create massive traffic for your blog, even if you are new.

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