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Early iPad Unboxing? Too Good to be True

April 2nd, 2010 posted by · No Comments

The Internet was flooded with April Fool’s pranks on Thursday, but the best one in my opinion, and for all other techies/geeks, started on Wednesday, March 31. Chris Pirillo started a countdown 24 hours in advance to a live iPad unboxing. About 600 people gathered in his live chat to see it happen, and many called it only a joke long before it happened. Unfortunately, Chris’ early copy of the iPad was nothing more than a cleverly placed picture of the iPad on a box for the Apple Time Capsule. We were hosed.

While this little prank coincidentally fell on April 1, it seems there are always these types of videos whenever a new piece of technology comes out. It happened with the iPhone, and almost every other product Apple has come out. From a marketing standpoint, Apple couldn’t ask for better promotion — even if future users pretend to acquire advance copies.

The iPad will be available in stores tomorrow, April 3, and already people are lining up outside stores in the U.S. to get their hands on it. Canadians will see it on store shelves later this spring.

I’ve said before that I wouldn’t buy one, but that won’t stop me from going to the Apple Store to check it out once it launches. I’m just as curious as the next guy to try it out and take it for a spin, but that doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily buy it. Holding it for a couple minutes in the store is fine with me. Having an iPod Touch and a laptop is all I need to do business on the go.

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