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SponsoredTweets Rolls Out Version 1.5

February 26th, 2010 posted by · 1 Comment

I’m a big supporter of making money on Twitter, especially since it went mainstream a while ago. There seems to be an unlimited amount of revenue out there to be made from a user standpoint and advertisers want to leverage on the outreach of popular users, or those with a high follower number.

SponsoredTweets has been pretty successful for me since I began using it about a year ago. Based on the number of followers I have, I make about $10-$20 per tweet, which can either be pre-written by the advertiser, or custom written by you for their approval.

The service has come a long way since I began with it and released version 1.5 this week.

Among the changes are:

  • Dashboard upgrades to offer additional options
  • Better statistical reporting of campaigns
  • Multiple performance and bug fixes
  • Easy to read tweeter updates
  • Benching: Multiple chances for an advertiser to get their tweet out using different text

Some social media advocates argue that paid-to-tweet services ruin the idea of Twitter and shouldn’t be allowed. That issue is debatable, but if you’re an Internet marketer with many followers in the same niche, they completely understand what you’re doing when they see your tweet. For the most part, they don’t mind. I know when I see a tweet end in #ad or #sponsored, it doesn’t really bother me. In fact, I click on them to see if I can be promoting the same thing.

To clarify, SponsoredTweets does not go against Twitter’s terms of service and you won’t get in trouble for using it.

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1 Comment so far
  1. Andrew MyAvatars 0.2

    I’m not sure if I am ready to abuse my followers with Twitter Ads, although I do see increased shortened-URLs being used to hit my blog.

    I think I can make more money by getting my followers to land on my site and network with them in a JV kind of way.

    Each to their own.