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Sunday Chatter – 2/21

February 21st, 2010 posted by · No Comments

How to Add Google Buzz To Your Blog

With the popularity of Google Buzz soaring over the last few weeks, more bloggers are adding ‘Buzz’ buttons to their blog. While it likely won’t overtake Facebook or Twitter anytime soon, Google is a powerful promotional machine and can reach an audience you may be missing out on. John Chow explained how to easily implement a ‘Buzz This’ button to your blog. Unlike other social media buttons, this one doesn’t include a plugin, so you won’t compromise your blog’s speed, or use server resources. Just a few lines of code is all you need. Simply copy/paste and edit it into your site’s single.php template.

Want to Play Chat Roulette?

You’ve likely heard about by now — a website that allows strangers to video chat with random people all over the world instantly. The site picks up your computer’s web cam video and audio feed and automatically pairs you with another user on the site at random. Some people like it, others feel it’s useless and an invasion of privacy. According to a poll this week, more than half of respondents said they would use it. Would you? I can’t see the use for it, other than to waste time if you’re bored. Others like to have some fun with the site and dress up in funny costumes to entertain participants on the other end of the camera. Some folks like to use it for their own personal strip show.

Don’t Let Social Media Allow Your House to be Robbed

With everybody constantly telling the world what they’re doing and where they are — whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz or foursquare — you can unintentionally set yourself up to be burglarized. A website called shows in real-time where specific Twitter users are based on their updates via foursquare. The website then notifies these people that their house could potentially be robbed. The service isn’t meant to encourage crime towards these users, but merely show that if someone wanted to, they could rob them if they know where they live because of their location. In a related matter, ABC News did a story a few months ago about how some insurance companies ask you now if you’re a Facebook or Twitter user. If you are, your premiums are higher, because you set yourself up to be robbed when updating your status by telling your friends and followers where you are and what you’re doing.

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