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Shorten Your Google Buzz URL For Free

February 12th, 2010 posted by · 1 Comment

Google was the big newsmaker of the week after introducing Google Buzz, which is basically hoping to directly compete with Facebook. The service from Google hasn’t taken long to catch on to, and if you’re a Gmail user, you already have an account setup. The idea is simple — share status updates, photos and video with your contacts in a Facebook-like environment. There’s even a “like” feature next to status updates, which Facebook only recently introduced itself.

The ‘buzz’ has been spreading and there’s already some websites catering to users of the new service.

Chris Pirillo has setup, which is a free URL redirection service to forward people to your Google Buzz profile. No registration is needed — you just simply plug in your username and you’re all set. Example: The default URL of a Buzz profile is

I haven’t setup my Buzz profile yet, as I don’t see the use for it right now. Eventually I’ll see more and more people using it and actually have others to interact with, but for now, Facebook and Twitter are sufficient enough.

Still don’t know much about Buzz? Familiarize yourself below.

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1 Comment so far
  1. Heidi Passey MyAvatars 0.2

    Interesting. I have heard about Google Buzz but I hadn’t really looked into it at all yet. Do you think it will really get big enough to compete with Facebook? I’m going to set up a profile and just check it out.

    Thanks – Heidi