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iPad Affiliate Offers — What You Need to Know

February 5th, 2010 posted by · No Comments

Now that the Apple iPad has been unveiled, affiliate networks are jumping on the opportunity to get offers up for their affiliates surrounding the new tablet device. I’ve been bombarded with e-mails from publisher managers last week and this week with details on iPad offers.

Similar to promotions for other Apple products, like the iPod or MacBook, most of these offers are complete duds. The highest payout I’ve seen so far is $2.80 for a two-page submit, where the second page requires a sheet of personal information.

The first one I saw though paid out $1.20 and was a simple zip and e-mail submit to win a free iPad. Another offer promised international traffic, but the landing page couldn’t be viewed from my location, so I scrapped that campaign completely.

Facebook has been pretty careful to approve iPad advertising campaigns since the device isn’t even available to be purchased yet. You can’t use the word “iPad” at all, and have to word your copy around promoting a tablet device, or mobile computer, etc. Using a picture of the iPad doesn’t seem to be getting flagged, so you’re good to go in that area.

As for campaign performance, it’s not that overwhelming. I’m getting more traffic and leads promoting a generic niche I started running a few months ago. Perhaps the fizzle has died down a bit since last week, or maybe more people are just waiting for iPad 2.0 with the camera. Either way, this niche isn’t very lucrative and I’d save my time if I were you.

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