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Sunday Chatter – 2/7

February 7th, 2010 posted by · No Comments

Steve Jobs Comes Out Swinging Against Adobe and Google

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is probably wishing he would have locked down the boardroom at his company’s headquarters a little tighter after word got out this week about his comments regarding the competition. Jobs slammed both Adobe and Google during a staff meeting, when word got out to Among the word slinging, Jobs called Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” mantra B.S. and said Adobe was lazy. He said Flash wasn’t put into the iPad because it’s the number one reason Macs end up crashing in the first place. Jobs said the future will use HTML5. Maybe he’s right, as HTML5 players are popping up all over the place. While not supported by Firefox or IE yet, Chrome and Safari have no problem viewing the new video content.

Easing the Pressure of Blogging

Most bloggers complain of the same thing — they can’t think of anything to write about some days. I’ll agree with that. Sometimes I get so caught up in my business and other projects, that when it comes to blogging, I draw a blank. Other days, what I want to write about comes naturally based on what I happen to be doing at the time if it revolves around the Internet marketing field. While I haven’t taken a break from blogging since I began in 2006, some bloggers take several weeks, or months off. This approach doesn’t always work, but some would argue that you should only blog if you have something valuable to say. Others may suggest that abandoning your blog for an extended period of time can hurt you and draw away readership. Whatever the case, there’s a great post this week on ProBlogger that looks at how you can ease the pressure of blogging.

Is the Term ‘Social Media’ Irrelevant These Days?

People tend to use the term ‘social media’ to describe something they do separately from their normal business strategy. Over the years, social media has become more than just setting up a Twitter or Facebook page, it’s part of the way a business communicates as a whole. Ryan Anderson debated this earlier in the week and said it should simply be called communication by now. He makes a good point, as it’s quickly turning from media into everyday usage and part of every business’ important set of online tools.

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