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Joel Comm is Giving Away His eBooks for Free!

January 29th, 2010 posted by · No Comments

Author, entrepreneur, speaker and innovator Joel Comm is known for being the God of Google AdSense and rising to fame with his big paydays from the program. Since then, he has gone on to write several eBooks and head up a list of mentoring programs and offer advice on social media. His latest book, Twitter Power, is a best seller and shows you how to make the most out of Twitter from a business and branding standpoint.

Joel has now done something pretty shocking and is the complete opposite to what most authors would do. He has decided to give away a stack of his popular eBooks for free. Titles include AdSense Secrets 4, Kontera ContentLink Secrets, Chitika Premium Ad Secrets and How to Build a Website Fast. All of these books have been sold previously for up to $97. I purchased AdSense Secrets 4 a few years ago and learned a lot from it. Even though it’s now free, I still don’t mind that I paid for it, because the material was definitely worth it.

Joel said the web culture has always wanted something for free, and now he’s delivering on it.

I must say, his content is superb and if I were him, I would definitely not be giving it away for free. However, Joel is smart and you can’t download the books without plugging in your e-mail address to his list. Sneaky, but clever and smart.

I’ve downloaded and read three out of the four books already and plan on finishing the last one this weekend. And no worries techies, even if I had an iPad, I would still read it on a normal computer screen. No tablet device for me.

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