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Google Nexus One – Will You Buy One?

January 6th, 2010 posted by · No Comments

Google unveiled its much-anticipated smart phone on Tuesday, known as the Nexus One. Analysts say it’s the best Android powered phone yet, and is the fastest on the market, beating out Apple’s iPhone.

These phone wars are getting a bit ridiculous already. How does anyone even own a phone and commit to a contract when new ones are always coming out? I still use a phone I got in 2005, because every time I end up upgrading, something new comes out, so what’s the point?

Even though the Nexus One only has access to about 20,000 apps, compared to 93,000 for the iPhone, those in the tech business say it’s the #1 phone out there.

The price point is a bit cheaper than what Apple currently has. Google’s phone will run you $179 with a contract, or $529 without. Compare that to $199 for the iPhone, and $599 without a contract.

There’s no word yet on when the phone will make its way into Canada, but just like everything else, it will be here eventually.

You may want to hold off on purchasing one, though, as rumour has it Apple will release a new iPhone this summer, which would make the Nexus One old and out of date. See what I mean by you can never buy a phone without a new one coming?

Personally, I dislike the look of the Nexus One. The shape is a bit bulgy and needs to be thinner. Google will most likely introduce a sleeker model by this time next year.

More info. is available at, including several videos showing a demo.

Will you buy one? posted this wonderful comparison chart below.

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