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Sunday Chatter – 12/20

December 20th, 2009 posted by · No Comments

The Secret to Growing Blog Traffic?

There’s not really a magic secret to delivering traffic to your blog. It all boils down to discovering what works best for you and repeating it each time over again. I often get e-mails from newbies asking me about traffic who end up getting mad when I tell them it’s not some simple formula. Darren at went into detail on this issue earlier in the week, explaining what worked best for him. Many readers also chime in and leave their input on the issue. I guess if you want there to be a secret, it’s that continuing to build on methods of traffic generation is something that should never end. As new technologies, services and trends emerge, you have to evolve with them and leverage on what can be beneficial to promoting your website/brand.

10 Ways Twitter Improved My Business in 2009

With the year almost coming to a close, it’s important to look back on what 2009 offered and how 2010 can be even better. With “Twitter” being the most used word in the English language this year (it’s true, look it up), it’s no surprise that the social networking site played a major role in people’s lives. Remember when US Airways Flight 1549 landed in the Hudson River? The first photos from the scene were posted on Twitter. Beyond being able to break news before CNN and the big boys, Twitter can also be detrimental to how your business is run. There’s a great post this week that looks at how Twitter improved one guy’s business this year. Besides the obvious traffic generation, it’s about building connections and brand recognition, among other things.

42 Most Popular Blog Posts About Blogging 2009

You would have had to write one heck of a blog post to get on this list, but someone actually took the time to put them all in one place. The 42 most popular blog posts of the year are featured on this week, which include a number of posts sorted into categories from blogging and making money online, to design and WordPress theme-related pieces. This is definitely something you should bookmark and go back to for reference. There’s some very worthwhile content here.

Twitter Testing Features for Businesses

Twitter has started to test a new feature for business accounts called Contributors. It allows different people who tweet from a specific Twitter account to have their own name in the byline. Like the @Twitter account for example — a tweet would read, “10 minutes from web by whatever name.” It’s not clear when the feature will be officially rolled out, but predicts this is the beginning of Twitter’s new business model.

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