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Sunday Chatter – 12/13

December 13th, 2009 posted by · No Comments

Think Twitter is Useless?

Most of the people I ask in real life don’t know what Twitter is. When I explain it, the answer is generally the same each time, “Why would I want a Twitter?” Yes, they say “a Twitter.” For those in-the-know, it can be the best marketing and networking tool ever if you use it correctly. points out the multiple uses Twitter can serve, such as not only being able to share what’s going on in your life, but utilizing it to its full potential to network and expand your business. I still know many businesses that don’t even have a website or e-mail, not to mention Twitter. So sad.

Top 10 iPhone Apps to Survive the Holidays

Not sure how much I agree with the title of this list, i.e. surviving the holidays. I guess that can be the case if you have in-laws visiting. put together a list of the top 10 apps you must-have this holiday season. While some of them aren’t available in the Canadian iTunes store, a good number of them are. My favourite is ShopSavvy, which allows you to scan any UPC code on any item in a store using your iPhone’s camera. You’re then given the prices of the same item at multiple retailers online. This is understandably a store’s worst nightmare if consumers start showing up and scanning everything on the shelves, to then leave and buy it elsewhere. Very cool app!

Newspapers, Magazines Create Tablet to Rival Amazon Kindle

Time Inc., News Corp., Conde Nast, Hearst Corp., and Meredith Corp., whose magazines include Time, Cosmopolitan and Better Homes and Gardens, have teamed up to create a device that directly rivals the Amazon Kindle. News Corp. already has a deal with the Kindle, but receives about one third of the $14.99 monthly subscription fee and has no access to user data. The new “digital newsstand” tablet will be available in 2010 and features a colour screen and higher resolution quality. Watch the preview below.

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