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Sunday Chatter – 11/29

November 29th, 2009 posted by · 1 Comment

How to Make the Most Money from the Amazon Affiliate Program

If you really want to cash in this season, you have less than a month to snatch up shoppers looking for a deal online.  ProBlogger lists three ways to really rake in the cash from Amazon, and one of them is simply observing what Amazon promotes themselves. This time of year, the site lists all sorts of hot items or deals, which include their most popular items. Promoting these things are almost a guaranteed way to have a successful season. Another tip is to run Christmas-related posts on your blog and sneak in an affiliate link. Oh, but the way, the Amazon Kindle makes for an awesome gift! 😉

Google’s Christmas Gift — Free Wi-Fi at U.S. Airports

Google announced earlier this month that they would provide free Wi-Fi Internet access at several U.S. airports. Now the search giant has said they aren’t quite done, and will provide access to seven more airports. Hopefully they have more than one router installed, because my experience with Wi-Fi at the airport in the past has been brutal. Too many people trying to access the same network makes waiting for your plane to depart seem even longer. Besides airports, Google has also provided free Internet access on Virgin America flights. Although, if you can’t go without online access for a few hours while in the air, you might have some sort of addiction.

$5,000 in Free Coupons for Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is where Twitter users can make money by advertising products for paying advertisers simply by sending out a tweet. From an advertiser’s standpoint, it can be a very lucrative way to extend your brand and gain new customers. Or if you’re an Internet marketer or blogger, paying to have your message tweeted can also make you money. Zac Johnson listed several coupon codes for Sponsored Tweets this week, which value up to $5,000! If you’ve got a hot affiliate offer to promote for the holiday season or any offer in general, finding Twitter users with targeted followers to tweet your 140 character or less sales pitch was never more convenient.

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  1. MLDina MyAvatars 0.2

    I’ve yet to take a flight with free WiFi, but I’m hoping one of my trips will include one soon. I snagged a coupon from Zac for sponsored tweets- can’t wait to use it!