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Sunday Chatter – 11/22

November 22nd, 2009 posted by · No Comments

Obama Never Used Twitter

Twitter users were bummed this week when President Obama spoke at a town hall meeting in China and admitted that he has never used Twitter. The president has one of the most popular Twitter accounts there is, and used it as a campaign tool during the election. I knew he didn’t post all of his updates, but recent posts such as “This is history” or “Humbled” wouldn’t be so out of the ordinary to believe he’d type them. The issue came about when the president spoke on Internet censorship in China about how information should be freely passed without any barriers. China regulates its Internet and popular sites like Facebook and Twitter are not accessible. has more.

Amazon Kindle Comes to Canada … Finally!

After many have been trying to convince Amazon to bring the Kindle north of the border, they finally made the announcement on Tuesday. This item will surely be very popular and atop the list of many folks this Christmas. The hand-held wireless device holds 1,500 book titles, including downloadable magazines, newspapers and blogs. The Kindle will retail for $259 U.S. on Amazon’s website. About 300,000 books will be made available to Canadian readers. Chances are MarketLeverage will be stocking up on these to send to their Canadian affiliates. 😉

Back from a Vacation? Here’s How You Get into Blogging Again

I haven’t taken a vacation in well over a year, because I’ve been too busy running multiple online businesses, but when I do, I’m sure I’ll need a kick in the pants once I get back. ProBlogger posted a list of 13 ways to get back into the blogging routine after some well-deserved time off. Without really being a surprise, one of the items on the list include turning off distractions so that you can get some work done. Everything from shutting off e-mail and Twitter to turning off your cell phone, can really help you hit the pavement. Most of these principles don’t just have to be contributed to blogging though, any job that requires your full attention and discipline can be maintained by reading these. The Internet marketing field in particularly needs your focus, especially when trying to come up with quirky, catchy ad copy for a sales page or PPC ad.

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