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Sunday Chatter – 11/1

November 1st, 2009 posted by · No Comments

Slow WordPress Blog? You Need These Plugins

You could be missing out on a lot of traffic, or even potential customers if your blog takes forever to load. Visitors end up leaving and all your hard work could be for nothing. Maybe you don’t even know it loads slow, because the site is cached on your system, but for an outside visitor, load times could be brutal. ProBlogger highlights 5 plugins to make your blog ‘blazing fast.’ I currently have two of the recommended plugins installed, but took the time to install a few more. According to an online speed test website, I’ve cut down the load time of my site to well under one second.

Don’t Spam on Facebook — They Will Sue You

Facebook just won a big time lawsuit against spammer Sanford Wallace, who you most likely already know. Wallace has been sued countless times in the past for malicious Internet activity, but now he has to come up with $711 million — money which he probably doesn’t have. Although, the “King of Spam” made millions in affiliate sales illegally, so you never know. The point here is don’t test social networking sites when it comes to how much they’ll tolerate by abusing your privileges. You may have to pay through the nose and basically ruin your life. Play nice.

Google Social Search — Do You Use It?

If you frequent a number of familiar blogs on a daily basis to get your daily fix of information on whatever the subject may be, it would be useful to organize all of those resources in one simple place. Google Social Search allows you to search a pre-set number of trusted blogs where you know the information will be beneficial. You can set which blogs appear in the results page and then sort them from there. Canada’s Web Shop explains this in a blog spot, and also demonstrates how you can see listings based on your Gmail contact list. Very cool.

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