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Sunday Chatter – 10/25

October 25th, 2009 posted by · No Comments

WordPress 2.8.5 is Now Available

The latest build of the blogging platform came out late Tuesday, which doesn’t fix too many issues, but it’s recommended that you upgrade. It only takes a single click to install the update from within your administration panel. According to experts, they believe 2.9.0 will roll out next month and will include additional features that WordPress users will love.

How a Guy Dropped His Kindle and Got Amazon to Pay HIM $400

This has got to be one of the greatest letters written to a corporation’s legal department that I have ever seen. Paul Gowder dropped his Amazon Kindle on the sidewalk and forced Amazon to pay him for a replacement, plus give him $200 for the hassle. It just goes to show that if you threaten a company with legal action, they will cave (most of the time). Read the amazing story on

How to Dominate Google’s Content  Network

The old debate on content network vs. search network continues, as some affiliates using Google AdWords still don’t know what the main difference is. A guest post this week on goes into detail on how to create a successful campaign on the content network, which the author recommends you use over the search network. One of the key reasons is that targeting a reader who is browsing a website already based on the subject is more likely to click the ad than someone searching Google for everything under the sun.

Connect with Celebrity Athletes on LockerBlogger

A new website is helping athletes connect with their fans on a personal level, while providing them with an inside look into their lives outside the locker room. is a site that has recruited some of the biggest names in sports to blog with them. Larry Johnson, Don Mattingly and Lawrence Taylor are just a few of the recognizable names with blogs on the site. The best part is that fans can interact with them on a personal level just like on a social network.

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