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Prfessor Review — Open Up Your Own University

October 12th, 2009 posted by · 1 Comment

Make money teaching a class at Prfessor.comLearning is a never ending process, and people never stop attaining new information, skills and making goals for themselves. This has never proven more true than right now, when a new online university program is about to launch.

Prfessor is a new online system that allows you to teach anything you wish, just as long as you have the expertise to do so. Inside you can set up classes, courses, material and information for your “students.” You can teach anything under the sun, just as long as you’re good at it. Just like students pay tuition to attend a real university, they will also be paying you (the instructor) to attain the knowledge you’re providing them with. Let’s say you’re really good at website design, or sewing, or heck, even Internet marketing… you can set up a course and begin teaching it for money.

You can also recruit other instructors to help you out and to share the revenue with. Did I also mention you can set your own course prices? Membership websites, or in this case universities, are where the new world of Internet marketing is truly going. The best part is that whenever you sell one of these universities to a perspective instructor, you’ll make $700 per sale. Just to clarify here — $700 per sale each time an instructor opens their own university — your students will pay whatever price you set to attend that university.

Once you’ve opened up your university, you can brand it any way you want, with your own logos, colors, layouts etc.

This is passive income at its absolute best! You will not only make a huge chunk of change right off the bat when other folks looking to teach buy a membership, but you can open up your own university and receive monthly commissions from your students and other affiliates without doing a thing.

Go watch this video for a complete description of how works.

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1 Comment so far
  1. Chris Peterson MyAvatars 0.2

    Hi Chris!
    Nice review! Hehehe! What a cliche!
    Anyways, what kinda income get generated through other affiliates?
    I am just curious to know as to why you didn’t mention it?
    Chris, your review gives an impression of teaching being the future trend. I really agree with you & appreciate it a lot.