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6 Day Weekend Review

September 23rd, 2009 posted by · 1 Comment

After recently discovering 6 Day Weekend, I feel like I’ve thrown away money in the past by purchasing similar programs that help you launch your online business. Let me explain what 6 Day Weekend is first though: It’s a free affiliate training program that goes into detail on every aspect of the online marketing industry that you’ve ever wanted to know about. The catch? There is no catch — it’s completely free. There’s no affiliate or referral program, no revenue sharing, no free trials… it’s a simple one page sign up form and you’re ready to go.

I’ve been touring around the member’s area for a few days now after the recommendation of Tyler Cruz. At first I was under the impression that this sounded too good to be true, but perhaps that’s the mindset we’re in nowadays when we see all this material handed to us with no obligation to pay for it.

Once you’ve signed up, you get access to the basics, such as outlining what affiliate marketing is, how to get started, etc. As I said, BASIC stuff! Most of you already know this most likely, so you’ll want to skip ahead to more advanced areas, such as CPA networks, PPC tutorials, social marketing, e-mail marketing, etc. There’s also an entire section on outsourcing — getting people to work for you and creating business relationships with others. My favourite part is probably the SEO chapter, which highlights Google’s strategies to rank your site higher and more prominently for your keywords. If you’re looking to create landing pages, there’s an area that describes how to put up a website, including hosting and uploading it.

Below is just a sample of some of the categories you get access to (click to enlarge). There are 12 in total.

6 Day Weekend

The format of 6 Day Weekend is very straight forward and organized. Everything is laid out for you in neat, chronological order. The creator, Sean Morrissy, narrates all of this information in video format, so all you have to do is sit back and listen/watch. I found it most useful to take a few notes, so I could go back and pay closer attention to areas I happen to be rusty on.

All in all, you can’t really complain about this program, as it’s 100% free. The only thing I would suggest is some sort of member’s forum, where you can discuss and share ideas with other 6 Day Weekenders. Maybe Sean will incorporate that in the future, as the site is only two months old.

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1 Comment so far
  1. Chris Peterson MyAvatars 0.2

    I agree with you. It’s a great program & too good to be true. I am so thrilled with it myself when I first visited it.