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Celebrities Fight Back Over Websites Using Their Likeness

August 26th, 2009 posted by · No Comments

OprahBy now, you’ve probably heard about the big legal battle brewing involving Oprah and Dr. Oz. The two are suing multiple websites for using their faces and names to hawk their products. The big culprit are the colon cleansing products.

Oprah discussed the idea of a colon cleanse one time on her show and since then, advertisers have taken advantage of it — along with the sound byte.

Dr. Oz, who is a frequent guest of Oprah’s, is also having his photo and name used in connection with the products.

The websites feature photos of both of them, along with the words, “As approved by,” “Endorsed by,” etc. I don’t think I need to point out the IQ level of these website owners who probably thought there is no way they would ever be taken to court over this.

So while Oprah and her legal posse wage war seeking millions of dollars in damages, some affiliates are re-thinking the products they choose to promote. Many networks have already pulled advertisers that use celebrity images without verification — not only to protect their affiliates from getting involved with a company that may go down in court, but also the integrity of the network itself.

The rule here: Stay away from promoting products that use celebrities on their sales pages.

To get caught up on the entire lawsuit, or to see what the progress is, check out the various Google news listings.

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